Conforms to ISO 406411, Class B


  • Leak proof and sealed totaliser
  • Magnetic drive
  • Repairable without interrupting water supply
  • Removable mechanism ensures easy maintenance
  • Totaliser protected by metallic cover.
  • Reliable sensitive metrology and low pressure loss.

Woltman Water Meter, dry dial, direct reading. Manufactured in the calibers 50mm to 150mm. 360 revolving dial for easier reading. There are no risks of corrosion
nor of sedimentation as on rotating gears are immersed in the water, with the exception of the turbine.

Motion transmission to the working mechanisms carried out by permanent magnet makes the meter sensitive and accurate.


  • Water Distribution Network
  • lndustrial / Commercial Water Supply
  • ETP Plant, Pharmaceutical, PWD

Kranti Woltman Type Water Meters


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