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International Nurses Day 2020

International Nurses Day is celebrated annually on 12 May. The theme of the day this year is 'Nurses: A Voice to Lead-Nursing the World to Safety.

May 12 was chosen to mark this day because it is the birthday of the founding figure of modern nursing, Florence Nightingale.

Nursing is a selfless profession, so make sure you take some time out on this day to thank the nurses you meet. Take a look at these wishes on International Nurses Day 2020 that you should give them:

1. Happy Nurses Day to all nurses who take the front rows as the real warriors in the battles against corona epidemics! Thank you!

2. Hands transforming care into practice, Embraces transforming kindness into comfort, Smiles turning love into healing. Happy Nurses Day

3. Through single care and kindness, you offer to others return to warm your heart. Good day to you nurses.

4. Thank you for taking such good care of people in the harshest days of their lives. Thanks for all your patience and unconditional service. Day 2020 for international infirms

5. Your loving care, affection, and understanding have made a difference in so many lifetimes. I hope you've got the same smiley day you're making for others. Nurse Day 2020

6. Happy nurses day to all of the world's wonderful nurses! The devotion you are displaying for your work is great and deserving of praise. Have a great day!

7. Happy nurses day to all the world's great nurses! The dedication you are showing towards your job is wonderful and worthy of praise. Have a good day!

8. To the nurses who every day give so much of their own to others. Day 2020 for international nurses

9. Every nurse is an angel who has the key to a safe society. Happy day for nurses

10. Greetings to you on Nurses Day Worldwide. Your treatment really is outstanding. Thank you for doing everything that you do.

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