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Integral Stainless Steel Strainer
The Valve have Integral Fine Stainless Steel Mesh filter, to prevent valve seat leakage problem caused by small particle in steam/air flow.
Fine Outlet Pressure Adjustment
A small pitch adjusting screw make it possible to make extremely small adjustment in outlet pressure. The locknut prevents accidental adjustment. Inlet fluctuating pressure dose not affect the outlet pressure.
Long Spring Life
There is no contact between primary spring & steam/air. Which prevents the problem of spring rusting & helps to increase the spring life.
Pressure Reduction Ratio Up To 35 : 1
Single valve capable to reduce pressure up to 35th part of inlet pressure. Normally this sort of pressure reducing valve required two stage reduction system
Easy Maintenance
Easy to disassemble & assemble, without requirement of any special tool for maintenance. Easy to change stainless steel mesh & bellow.


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