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Low-pressure  slip lock nozzle with filter Misting Nozzles.

Water and Sanitation Tunnel Nozzle in Fog Mist flow

  • Not easy clogged,wear resistance,spray evenly, can effectively improve the quality and production efficiency. Can effectively regulate the humidification amount and the spray effect.The series of nozzles no air-assisted, simple system installation. Mist spot are fine, up to 3-7 microns,fully atomized, energy saving,low cost and good effect.

  • 1. Cooling - outdoor restaurants, entertainment venues, stadiums, arenas, airports, bus stations, large gatherings, cooling animal farm pig, horse, and sheep

    2. dust removal - clear the air of dust particles, mainly used to control pollution of farm and Mine

    3. Agriculture - for the family farm, cultivated field mushrooms, circus arena, aviary kennel, and feeding farm, make the environment suitable for the growth of all kinds of poultry

    4. Industrial - metal shop, machine shop, textile workshop, garment workshop, dyeing footwear, plastic injection molding, die-casting heat treatment, glass, spray plating, electronic chemicals, metallurgy, leather, toy manufacturing, electronics manufacturing, for cooling dust removal

    5. Special Use spaces - gardens, zoos, shopping centers, exhibitions, flower farming, animal husbandry, and so on, humidification cooling, it can also be used to irrigate plants.

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